Full stack developer based in Portland, OR

Seeking to develop web and mobile apps. History of leadership in sales, project management, and client-facing roles. Available for full-time, contract-to-hire, independent contractor and volunteer open-source opportunities.

Core Skills: JavaScript • AngularJS • Node.js • Express • Ionic • Cordova • HTML • CSS • WordPress

Intermediate: Mocha/Chai • MongoDB • ES6 • SCSS • Travis CI • Heroku • Webpack • Babel • Gulp

Highlighted Projects


2nd Place winner in WeCode Hackathon sponsored by Nike and Puppet Labs


SuperAthlete was developed over 24 hours as part of the We Code Hackathon for Women and Friends. The challenge was to build a ‘gamified’ digital experience that inspires, encourages and rewards behaviors related to health & fitness, using public and open-source technology. The vision for my team's app was to encourage tweens (Ages 12-21) to engage in healthy activity by taking on the role of Superhero Athletes who level up by learning about and practicing in the athlete's sport. Extra points are given for engaging in social activity with other players.

Due to time limitations (approximately 2 hours of planning and 7 hours of coding) only one path was coded (Serena Williams). My contribution was primarily in Heroku Deployment, Node.js for the server, Express for routing, and providing assistance to the team with Git and Github issues including code merges.


Designed and Developed WordPress Site


A lawyer and published author needed a blogging platform that would connect him to a new audience while redesigning his homepage to remove clutter and focus on current content. Site can be found at http://lloydconstantine.com. Future features will be added down the road as the blogger starts publishing content.


Angular/Ionic web app for browsing pets available for adoption from nearby shelters


Responsive web application that utilizes Petfinder API data. User can login, filter type of pet to search, click for additional pics, swipe right to save to favorites, swipe left to skip, and view pet information and shelter contact details.

Developed using Node, Ionic, Angular, Mongo, and Passport. My role was co-developer and project manager.

Dev contributions included project scaffolding, configuring API queries, html templating, updating database, filtering views, organization, code cleanup.

PM contributions included sketching out initial concept, developing user stories and project plan, creating documentation, code review, and merging.


Node/Express web app for facilitating user-to-user tool borrowing


User can login, add/delete tools they want to share, browse and request tools available for sharing, and accept/deny tool request from others. Status of own/borrowed tools are tracked on the user's dashboard.

Developed using Node, Express, Mongo, Jade, Passport, Bootstrap and Underscore. My role was co-developer and project manager.

Dev contributions included db schema modeling, html templating using Jade, express routing for user dashboard and tool browsing, form submission routing, CRUD operations, code cleanup.

PM contributions included conceptualization and design, creating documentation, code review, and version control management.



Ionic2/Angular2 android app for organizing a user's video watchlist


In early stages of development and is not available for demo yet.

Android application that allows user to perform add/modify/delete movies and shows on a watch list. Rank can be modified using drag-and-drop. Items can have custom tags assigned to them for filtering purposes such as streaming location, type, genre, etc. Items can be sorted by rank, date added, alphabetical.

To be developed using Angular2, Mongo, Ionic2, SCSS, and Passport. I am the sole developer.

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